Call and Response

Smartphones, like the Internet, are a perfect example of the potential for interconnectedness between people all around the world. This represents a new age of communication that is increasingly finding its way through the use of digital social media. When someone shares something, that interaction allows knowledge to be exchanged between two or more people from different backgrounds and experiences. Sharing facilitates meaningful conversation and that, in turn, builds a relationship. In music, we call this call and response. It is a pretty simple concept: one musician plays something and another plays something back. You can think about this as a sort of Q&A.

Digital social media is built upon a similar premise: people sharing information. Whether that information is valuable to someone depends on three things:

  • If it entertains.
  • If it helps make better decisions.
  • If it is exchangeable.

In the broad-spectrum of the Internet and smartphones, these values influence how we communicate. This is especially true with geolocation.

From my understanding, geolocation is an extension of geodemographic marketing except it is kind of in reverse. The older geodemographic marketing systems, such as PRIZM, focus on maps of different areas that rank neighborhoods on their potential to purchase specific products and services. Nowadays, our smartphones are compatible with digital social media applications that allow us to drive demand by sharing/recommending businesses we like based on our specific interests. In other words, digital social media has given consumers the power to rank businesses. At this rate, geolocation has become a socio-cultural factor in planning appropriate marketing strategies on the business end.



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2 responses to “Call and Response

  1. This is kind of scary for business owners at first glance, but I think it’s actually helpful to us in the long run– the reality of customers driving demand. Instead of trying desperately to attract customers, we can rely on our great product/service and customer relations to drive recommendations whether by mouth or by digital means. Do you agree with this?

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