AIDA for Asa Bass-A

Text messages, video, radio broadcasts (or podcasts), fliers – the list goes on. For me, as a musician, I have been increasingly reliant on my cell phone to text friends and acquaintances about my gigs since I killed my social media platforms over a year ago. Although it doesn’t sound too high tech, I have been bringing in quite a few people to my shows using this method because people are interested in the entertainment I bring to the table, want to see me live, and decide to text their friends (Me directly texting friends à friends directly texting their friends, etc. = audience at where I play). So far, I have been doing pretty darn good. I’ve been filling up venues and at the end of the day, venue owners are happy and want me to keep playing at their establishment on a weekly basis; my friends are happy to get out and do something new; and I am happy to see that they are all happy. Seems simple enough but I have indeed been struggling. I have been slowly figuring out how to be as or more effective in creating awareness using social media. As of late I have been using Twitter to generate awareness but it does not seem to be as effective as my primitive cell phone text strategy. I also have been attempting to record myself playing a bit and making short announcements with my new blogger camera but, again, I am trying to figure out how to edit digital film (a separate story completely). That doesn’t mean I’m giving up – oh no! I am learning that I must increase my conversation frequency and increase mention of my whereabouts so people can really understand my sentiments. Hey, I know I’m behind but, as they say, better late than never!

As far as lead generation strategy goes, I constantly have to ask myself, “Why are people interested in listening to a bassist who sings?” I know, I know…it seems pretty lame from the sound of it, but I use the bass, typically a backing instrument, as a lead instrument that I harmonize with. I have dedicated quite a bit of time doing this (13 years to be exact) and I want to be able to share with people that the bass is not just an instrument that plays root notes – it can be played up front and center too.

Ideally, my strategy is as follows:

Step 1: I use my busking permit to play my upright bass in public. Since people don’t see an upright very often, many people are prone to come up and ask what that thing is. This is my version of a search query. In other words, my upright is my conversation piece.

Step 2: Once I get a buzz going in public, I will direct people to recordings that I have on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Step 3: From my videos and sound recordings, I direct people to my Twitter account so they know when and where I will be playing.

Step 4: At my shows, I will share my final product – a set that will be comprised of my original music.

I know I’m a bit rough around the edges but I have to start somewhere. Hope you enjoy!



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2 responses to “AIDA for Asa Bass-A

  1. Hey Asa, I would like to see some of your videos.. Can you post links? Also, I am wondering how you direct people to your links from the street. Do you hand out a business card or something? Do you feel this has been successful for you?

  2. As soon as I figure out how to edit my vids, I will be more than happy to send them along to you and others! In response to your second question, I rely heavily on word of mouth. Also, depending on what city I’m in, I will hand out business cards – it all really depends how far out I am from where I live. I haven’t had any problems with my methods even if they may seem outdated. I look at it like this: no matter how much technology we have, we are still human. So, I look to the most human experience I can offer to get the conversation going. Thank you for your comment.

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