Sharing Is Caring…And Social!

Digital social media is all about sharing ideas in what seems to be an on-going stream of communication. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have enabled us to spread our messages anytime and anywhere – all over the world in fact. The tough part isn’t about being able to network with people from around the world; it is about how to communicate to the world effectively. In other words, digital social media is also about how we can get our messages to stand out.

Many people have taken all sorts of approaches to increase awareness of who they are and what they do – their brand – but very few have been effective at doing so. This isn’t because they don’t know how different social media platforms work, it’s because they are not thinking outside the box (or looking at the world “upside down”). At this point I would like to shed some light on a person who thinks outside the box that I have come across in the course of my studies. His name is DJ Waldow and he has created a very interesting social media experiment, dubbed “Project Awesome.”

Project Awesome was born out of a rough patch that DJ Waldow had gone through. To summarize it, the company he was working for was bought out and he lost his job. Many of the people I know would be terribly sad and wouldn’t know what to do. Not DJ Waldow! Instead of griping, DJ Waldow found an opportunity to expand. He decided to pull his work experience and interests in digital social media together and created a game plan.

First, DJ Waldow leveraged his social networks to reach out to the people he had built trusted relationships with. He asked his friends to film 30 second “Hire DJ” clips. As a matter of fact you can see them here:

Second, DJ Waldow created an interactive resume, which you can see here:

And last but not least, DJ Waldow posted all of these components on his very own blog called “Social Butterfly Guy.” From his blogosphere, people could comment, share, and pass the word along even more. Eventually, DJ Waldow became the Founder and CEO of Waldow Social, an email marketing company.

It is without a doubt that DJ Waldow’s social media experiment was a success. Of the many things that I have learned from DJ Waldow and Project Awesome, I would have to say the most important are:

  • You must believe that you add to the value of those around you (check out the “About” section on his company’s site);
  • You must  explain why you care about your community;
  • You must be engaging (I tweeted DJ yesterday and he got back to me pretty darn quick…I was kind of surprised).

Aside from those points, DJ Waldow has inspired me to create an interactive resume. I think that was definitely a great touch.

Thanks DJ!!!


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  1. I love how DJ Waldow used his “About” page as an opportunity to sign people up for his services! I never thought of that before. Might have to implement that on my own website.

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