My Hiatus

I had an interesting dream the other night. My dad, who passed away last December, came into my dreams and asked me, “Why are you struggling Asa, habibi?” I told him, “I have a lot on my mind, dad. I have classes, work, my shows, and I feel like I am failing for some reason.” When I woke up, that is about all I remembered.

I checked my twitter account yesterday and saw Professor Herzog’s tweet about his father which prompted me to get my butt back in gear (not to mention gave me a chill up my spine). Last week, Professor Herzog and I spoke about changing my organization from “me as a musician” to “Market Basket,” which is where I work, or an “artist/musician who I admire.” At this point I have to say that I cannot change my organization to either of those options not because I am a stubborn half-wit but because I have a mission in mind that I haven’t “sold” very well to my class (or anybody, really).

The idea that I am attending graduate school is because I want to further my career as a musician. My dad never understood my creative ways or where they came from but he had faith in my decisions to better myself and succeed with my music; he always told me to follow my passion. I used to have digital social media on lock – that is, I used to be a heavy user of Facebook, Myspace, and was just starting to get into Twitter. When I was finishing up my undergraduate thesis last year, I studied lots about intellectual property and decided that I was using these social media platforms irresponsibly. Simply put, I killed off my accounts with the hopes of coming back “on the grid” at a later time, having a better strategy for representing my music. Well, as we know, I am a digital nobody and coming into a class which requires the use of digital media is, well, difficult to say the least.

I would like to make things more clear about me as a musician:

  1. I am a sole-proprietorship that sells entertainment.
  2. I have no existing digital footprint.
  3. I will utilize the required digital media platforms of the class (and others) to create awareness for my shows.
  4. I will use Twitter to share with people where I will be playing and I will use YouTube and SoundCloud to generate interest in the music I perform.

Not only do I look at this class as an opportunity to get back on the grid but I also think I make a good example of “expanding a digital footprint.” I want to go from digital nobody to digital somebody. Hopefully, I can begin to make this happen.

(Some inspiring words by Gavin Friday @



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5 responses to “My Hiatus

  1. Shuta Hirakawa

    You know Asa,
    You are always somebody I always care even we live far apart in other side of the world for a while.

    Happy to read your articles.
    Reminds me you are still Asa,
    Somebody I always like:)

  2. Good luck Asa, it was nice Hanging out with you the other night! You aren’t the only one struggling to keep up, I think your 4 goals sound like a good plan! Talk to you soon.

    • I am sorry to hear about your dad too. Ari’s story about his dad was very moving. My dad has recently gone into assisted living, and he is not doing well. This is the weekend to be thinking of all the father’s in our lives!

  3. Asa, I am wondering how you are doing as we near the end of this class. Do you feel it has helped you hone your personal brand? Or has it left you feeling even more overwhelmed? I am stuck somewhere in the middle! I feel so inspired and have so many new ideas, but need to realize that I will not have time to implement them all myself. Sometimes adding to the “team of one” is necessary. This is going to happen for me in the near future. Good luck with everything!

    • I am adding to my team of one for sure. My friend and guitarist/producer from back home is moving out here with me. We should be getting into some awesome productions that I will surely let you know about. As for this class and my brand: This class has helped me gauge how my content will be released to the interwebs and I am not overwhelmed at all. I just think it will take more time than I thought. Remember: slow and steady wins the race!

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