My Organization(s) (Repeat from BB)

Hello everyone,

In my Introduction I stated that I work at Market Basket, however, I would like to continue through with my blog posts and research within our class as a musician who wants to create a new music business model in the digital era. As a matter of fact, and as I have planned, my thesis for the MBA program will be all about this music business model. I am well read in intellectual property and I have been following many different new music business models (pandora, spotify, and deezer to name a few) so that I can employ what I feel can be successful for my future. This course is so very important for my understanding and development with all that there is digital and seeing as I have little experience with newer digital social media tools, it would be great if you could assist me with things that I am doing “right” and things that I am doing “wrong.” Without further ado, I will just go ahead and post my blogs, blackboard texts, and tweets as it pertains to the world of music in the digital era. Thank you kindly!



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2 responses to “My Organization(s) (Repeat from BB)

  1. More info on your music please… Do you have a webpage? YouTube videos?

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